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No longer AFK

Hey everyone! Kristin here. While I was gone, I dyed my hair pink and got a tattoo. I am no longer gone so the Kristin-related updates (including a retrospective of what I’ve been doing) will resume soon. But here are my two favorite things I’ve done while I was gone. 😀

Right picture:

Hair: Special FX “Virgin Rose.” I do it myself, including cutting it, lately.

Eyes: MAC eyeshadows in Vex and Satin Taupe, Almay liquid eyeliner, Urban Decay Perversion mascara.

Lips: MAC lipstick in Fusion Pink

Left picture, or: Regarding my tattoo:

It is written Quenya, a dialect of JRR Tolkien’s elvish. It is a quote (part of a longer passage) from The Silmarillion, which is my favorite book. 

It says, in Quenya: “I cardar yar caruvalmë nauvar i tama lindíva.”

In English: “The deeds that we shall do shall be the matter of song.”

Soooooooooo I’m back, hello!


Rachel Cosplay

I haven’t posted in forever, but I have to let everyone know that I’m still alive, and I can passably imitate Rachel 😂

Have you ever dressed up as your BFF? Or is that just me? I do a good impression of my other best friend, Kurt, too…

Makeup of the Day

It’s sweltering hot again here in Seattle. But thank god for powder foundation! Ain’t nobody got time for liquid in this heat.

Been working eight days on two days off, which leads to a whole lot of “Fuck it, I did my eyebrows, good enough.”

Eyes: Urban Decay eyeshadows in Kinky, Freestyle and Back Door, Urban Decay Perversion mascara

Face: Kat Von D powder foundation

Lips: Rimmel Provocalips loosing in Play With Fire

Manicure of the Week

I got some really cool nail polish in this month’s Ipsy bag – Essie’s “Fashion Playground”. It is a neutral toned sea green (or as I like to call this particular color, Art Deco Green) with a subtle shimmer. It goes on a bit streaky, so I needed three coats – but ended up with beautiful coverage. And after a top coat of Seche Vite it is positively glassy and beautiful.

A while back I picked up some interesting looking nail decals from Sinful Colors – a mehendi inspired design with intricate swirly paisley designs in a shimmery bronze. For $2.99 why not? I’ve been looking for a color to put them over and decided this would be great.

Now it really looks Art Deco, which isn’t what I was expecting from a Far East pattern. Love it. I wonder if they’re limited edition (gut instinct says yes).
They go on really easily and stay put, especially if you put a top coat over the top. They are clear and cover the whole nail, they’re not cut-out decals.

These pics were taken after an 8 hour shift at work — stayed perfect and put up to the abuse?! Two! Barista approved.

These are probably a limited edition but I’ll definitely try other Sinful decals after these turned out so nice!

New Reds! Side By Side Comparison

I can’t resist a good red lipstick. These are basically the same shade. For shiny and rich the Moisture Renew in Red Alert is an obvious winner. For long wear… Well… Here’s the Provocalips lip paint in Kiss Me You Fool:

I’m gonna let that speak for itself. That’s after work, dinner, no reapplications and a little bit of lip balm.

Another Pet Post!


Rachel posted her cats and I feel I’d be depriving the world of a prime opportunity to meet my cat.

This handsome beast is my cat, Fëanor (Fay-ah-nor). He is five years old – born Valentine’s Day 2010. He is named after Fëanor, once High King of the Noldor and creator of the Silmarils. He is one of the principal characters of JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion. His full name is Fëanor Airwë (Fëanor the Orange), High King of the Back Yard.

He’s enormous – 16 pounds and almost two feet long. Like his namesake, he is stubborn, doesn’t have a lot of common sense, and is noisy. His favorite things are spooning under the covers like a stuffed animal, making noise, knocking things over and watching MotoGP with me (seriously, he loves it).

He’s the best cat in the world.

Now you’ve seen our cats. Let’s see yours! (Bonus points for other Tolkien cats.)