On being fabulous – vintage style Orchids pill case by Houlder 

So here’s the thing…I have migraines, and they suck.  But I have decided that I shall be fabulous regardless of how much migraines suck.  Lots of little things have had to be adjusted, like buying mostly fragrance free beauty products, and having to carry rescue meds on me…oh hey, if you have to carry meds, why not do it in style? 

This pill case is by Houlder and can be found on Amazon.  Many other cute styles are on EBay and Etsy!  I had an actual antique pill case, but I lost it…fingers crossed that it turns up! 

Nail polish is Zoya “Aurora.”

What cute purse/bag storage ideas do you have to share? 


How I Learned to Love My Handbag


I didn’t start carrying a proper handbag until quite recently. I’ve always been a minimalist in many things: When I go to Burning Man I bring a fraction of what most people do and don’t bring food that must be kept cold or cooked. I only have enough dishes for two full place settings. When I travel I fit most of my stuff in a small carry-on bag. When I’m out and about, I have a small purse, or no purse at all, and just put my wallet in my pocket.

So not only did I not see a reason for a larger handbag, I couldn’t even imagine what I’d put in it! If I need to carry more than the bare essentials, I usually had my laptop bag with me anyhow and could slip my miscellaneous crap in there. And if I used a purse larger than just my wallet, it was really a satchel or messenger bag.

However, a few years ago, I stopped carrying my laptop with me on a regular basis as I was no longer freelancing. Now, I’ll never ever stop using my car as my purse – why carry a bottle of soda when you can carry a six pack? – but I decided to make the plunge and get a new bag. When I was traveling frequently, I fell in love with the Michael Kors “Jet Set” line – a sleek bag with a sleeve for my laptop? Sold! But I never ended up with one, and the , as I said, transitioned from carrying my laptop with me everywhere to carrying my iPhone and sometimes my iPad Mini.

My first designer bag was a present from Rachel! She had a Coach purse she didn’t use because that ho is like a hermit crab and carries her entire life with her (love you! 😘). The perfect size for me, though! It holds my wallet, a compact, lipstick, and my phone admirably. It is indestructible, soft like butter and both dressy and casual so I can use it for anything.

But last Christmas, I decided to make the large purse plunge and went shopping for something “me” enough that I would use it and sturdy enough that I wouldn’t kill it. I’m real hard on my bags, shoes and clothes, what can I say?

I picked up an awesome Michael Kors purse at the Macy’s after Christmas sale – a medium sized tote/handbag from the same Jet Set line, but without the pocket for my laptop. It’s the perfect size for… Well, everything. I carry it all the time.

So I guess I was late to the tote/larger purse party, but it’s nice to be able to carry a little bit more stuff than I usually would sometimes. I’ll never be a hermit crab, though — I literally don’t have enough stuff to carry with me!

Travelo Classic Perfume Atomizer and Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere – a Match Made in Heaven!

I’m a bit of a perfumista (ok, I hate that word, but it’s true).  I don’t wear some of the heavier, rich fragrances I used to wear because I get migraines these days, but this fragrance right here is amazing and always just right.  Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere is everything I always wished its big sister was – a milder, more modern, fresher version of the famous classic No. 5.  Fragrantica describes it as a woody, aldehydic, white floral that’s lighter, fresher, and more suitable for daily use than the original No 5.  I can wear this even on hot summer days, whereas I would have only reached for No. 5 during the winter, with a super light hand.  This brings me to the next part of my post!

5-10-2015 039

What you see there is an enormous 5 ounce bottle of that delicate, beautiful juice.  Nope, that’s not something I would have ever splurged on for myself; it was pretty much one of the nicest holiday presents I ever got.  But how on earth would you ever take this with you anywhere?  You wouldn’t.  Enter the Travalo!

The Travalo (bottom right) is a miniature atomizer that can be refilled over and over from any perfume that has a sprayer.  It’s basically pure genius.  The bottle is all plastic and under an ounce, so it’s airline approved.  And it’s so easy to fill!  At first glance, you’d think you take off the sprayer of the Travalo and use that, right?  Nope…look at the bottom…

5-10-2015 040

Take the sprayer nozzle off your bottle of perfume.  Locate the plastic bottom of your Travalo atomizer and the little hole there.  Line that hole up over the sprayer tip of your perfume bottle…

5-10-2015 041

…and pump-pump-pump-pump-pump!

5-10-2015 042

You can see from the plastic window that the perfume has made it into the atomizer.

I have had my Travalo for several years.  It gets tossed around in the bottom of my purse after being refilled numerous times.  Sometimes I throw it in my work desk drawer.  Never ONCE has it ever leaked!  The current model holds 65 sprays (my older model holds 50 sprays) and costs $19.99 from the Travalo website, but the older version is available from Amazon for much cheaper.  If you have huge perfume bottles you cannot take on the go with you, you need this in your life!

Thanks for another amazing recommendation, fragrance board at Makeupalley.  ❤