Hello! We are Kristin and Rachel. We’re grown up goth girls who hope they never have to grow up. We’re awesome, hilarious, and sort of weird. Come on in and join us for coffee (if you’re in Kristin’s neck of the woods) or bourbon (if you’re in Rachel’s neck of the woods). Actually, screw it, coffee and bourbon served at both locations 24/7.

We’re two best friends from opposite sides of the country who met online and have known each other for 13+ years in real life. We share a love of makeup, fashion, clothes, shoes, perfume and all things glamorous. Neither of us can live without black eyeliner or red lipstick. We’re like three steps up from being crazy cat ladies.

Kristin is a professional barista, coffee specialist and rogue fashionista from Seattle, WA/San Francisco, CA. She freelances in the music industry doing graphic design and promotional work for the legendary synthpop act Information Society, is a part of the infamous Death Guild Thunderdome, dabbles in photography, does her own extensions, knows everything about keeping short hair looking awesome, and is a former model. Her personal assistant is a huge orange tabby cat named Fëanor.

Rachel is the resident southern belle, from Asheville, NC. She spent 10 years in the cosmetics field as a makeup artist and now is a medical transcriptionist. She enjoys writing, performing, plays the flute, and knows everything about keeping long hair looking awesome. She is also a former model. She has helper cats named Jethro and Bella!


Originally, we started our Tumblr “A Bad Ho-mance” because we spent all damn day and night texting each other selfies, quips, quotes, and Serious Opinions™ on all things makeup, fashion, and style related. Realizing that it was way too good to keep to ourselves, we started putting it on the Internet. And now we’ve got our own website.

And yes, the site title is a Lady Gaga pun. She’s fierce.

**As of this time, we aren’t getting any PR samples and we aren’t sponsored by anyone.  We buy everything we review and demonstrate ourselves and all our opinions are our own!  If this ever changes, you’ll be the first to know.  We are open to building brand relationships in the future!

If you’re PR for a makeup line and would like to contact us to get products featured, or if you’re a blogger who would like to collaborate, email Rachel here.


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