Makeup of the day – Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Low, Crowbar, Frame 

Ok guys, Low and Crowbar are shadows with serious GLITTER.  Do not attempt to wear these without some sort of glitter adhesive or you will have them all over your face!  I wore them with ELF Glitter Glue and they stayed on like magic!  I wish my camera picked up the sparkle.  I have NYX Cream Blush in Boho Chic on my cheeks and Rimmel Let’s Get Naked Moisture Renew Lipstick on the lips.  

 I will be posting more Vice 4 makeup looks, so get ready!  😀 



4 thoughts on “Makeup of the day – Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette Low, Crowbar, Frame 

  1. When you show pics of your makeup, could you possibly take a pic with your eyes closed as well? It’s hard to see the details of what you’ve done with your eyes open. Now that I think about it though, it might be difficult to get a still shot when you can’t see what you’re doing!

    You and I have similar coloring (super pale with dark hair), so I really like to see what shades of makeup work for you. Nude lipsticks tend to make me look like a walking corpse, but that Rimmel shade on you is gorgeous. I think I’ll have to try it.


    • It’s hard to do but I can certainly try it! I need better lighting and to try my other camera too – I would love to show the colors more! I’m glad you ck get some use out of what I’m posting!


    • Forgot to say earlier, I am also a former goth. At age 42 now and working as a private nurse, I really have to tone it down to get work. I’ve immensely enjoyed seeing some of your young goth pics, as well as your modern make-up, which still has an edge to it. Many of your current pics are still goth-ish without being over the top…I definitely like the look!

      Long ago I aso a makeup artist, for Ultima II (which I don’t think exists anymore), back in the early 90s. Unfortunately the early 90’s makeup trends were not unsimilar from 80s make-up, and left a lot to be desired as far as being “wearable.” The options now are limitless.

      It would be wonderful to see a tutorial about wearing nudes. I’ve simply given it up, but you’ve peaked my interest again to see if there might be some way for me to participate in the trend. 🙂


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