Kristin’s Ipsy Glam Bag – May 2015

I’ve been doing the Ipsy Glam Bag thing for a long time now and I’m really pleased. I’m sort of a creature of habit sometimes and since I’m often on a tight budget I don’t step too far outside of what I know I already like. But I really feel like I’ve always gotten my money’s worth out of every one of these bad boys and the stuff just keeps getting better! (You want in on this? Right this way!)

This month’s is just great, but of course I’d say that about something that contains sunscreen (I hoard travel sized sunscreens for Burning Man), purple lip gloss and black eyeliner.

1. Urban Decay travel size 24/7 lip liner in “Ozone”, a clear pencil. I’ve never heard of clear lip liner before! I consider myself somewhat of a lipliner novice, to be honest, unlike Rachel who has more lipliners than I have colored pencils – and I’m a graphic designer! Anywho, I was reading up about this when I saw it was going to be in the bag this month and it seems really neat and definitely my speed – put it on and forget it and it makes your lipstick stay where it’s supposed to. Let’s hope that’s the case!

This came bundled with two of their little blister-pack samples of Revolution Lipgloss in Failbait (lololololol) and Bittersweet, rose and intense purple shades respectively. Looking forward to trying these on!

2. BelláPierre gel eyeliner in Ebony. Yeah, I basically just busted it out immediately and started writing my name and drawing stuff all over my hand. Color goes on great, no drag, and it took some SERIOUS makeup remover to get it off. Totally ready to give this a shot. And it’s full sized!

3. Pixi Beauty Bronzer in “Summertime” – I admit it, this pale porcelain goth girl is a bronzer newbie. I literally have no idea what to do with bronzer! I’m going to give this a shot, though, it actually looks like it might be a good color for me if I can get it to go on without looking like I rolled around in the dirt.

4. Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF30 facial sunscreen. Not much to add here except that this got stuffed greedily into my Burning Man box as soon as it came out of the bag. I love sunscreen samples, Ipsy, keep sending them. Not having to carry around a full size sunscreen when the extent of my clothing is cut off cargo shorts and a bikini top is ace.

5. Nuxe Paris rêve de miel cleansing gel. Rachel tells me this stuff is luxe as fuck and I’m going to believe her because the whole thing is written in French. 😜 I love to travel so little bitty travel sized cleansers are always appreciated.


So yeah, basically? This month’s haul was awesome! I’m a little meh on the bronzer but I’m not going to write it off until I try it.


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