And a Hello from Kristin!

Hi everyone!

I think Rachel did a great job summing up everything.

I’m a former technology professional, but my passion is specialty coffee, so I left the tech industry to return to work in the trenches as a professional barista. I’m very serious about it, but I’ll likely not post much about that here. Sometimes I manage to get fancy for work, but usually I’m just utilitarian — that’s why I’m into long-wearing, funky, cute stuff that I can basically throw on and forget it.

I’m a self taught voracious beauty fiend, and my specialties are hair color, eyebrows, and black eyeliner — you know, just some goth stuff. I’m a former model, a sometimes entertainer, and a full time screwball. I hang out with some rockstars, drink fancy wine, make fancy coffee, disappear into the dust for Burning Man for two weeks a year, and play a lot of video games when I’m not getting too dressed up for normal life and just not caring.

I hope you enjoy the weird and interesting take we have on beauty, from drugstore finds to expensive indulgences. So, like Rachel said, beverage up and get ready for some awesome stuff.


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