A Hello from Rachel :-D

So, Kristin and I are besties from, uh…oh god…like 15 years back.  We first became friends when I lived here on the East coast and at one point, I actually lived in the same city as her out on the West coast!  When I lived in the same city as her (and even before then when I would visit) we were involved in modeling and fashion events like runway shows together.  Matter of fact, the userpic on our Facebook page is from backstage at a fashion show we were in together!  I was working as a makeup artist in retail cosmetics and doing some freelancing.  I ended up moving back to the Southeast, though she and I always remained close and we still pretty much stay in touch daily.  We have been friends pretty much forever!  About a year ago, we started blogging over on Tumblr at abadhomance.tumblr.com as just a casual thing that we could do together from what seems like a world away.  And oh my GAWD, it turned out to be super fun and addictive!  So now we’re taking it up a notch and now we’re going to be using WordPress and have even registered the associated domain, abadhomance.com — and you can add this to blog reader apps such as Bloglovin so you can easily read us on your smart phone along with all your favorite blogs (no matter what platform they are on)!  We are also going to be updating to Twitter and Facebook from this account as well as our Tumblr.  Those should all be linked from this site.  Exciting times in the kingdom!!

We hope that you will enjoy our reviews and learn a little something from our years of experimenting. Maybe I can impart a little knowledge from my years in retail hell, who knows?

A little about me:  Briefly, I’m very, very, very fair.  So is Kristin.  I am super duper porcelain and she is almost as pale as I am.  If you are looking for fair skin makeup products and advice, you have come to the right place.  I am more mature than Kristin by 11 years, so if you are looking for tips and tricks for skincare and makeup in your 40s, you’ve also come to the right place.  I’m also obsessed with sun care.  Hello!  See where I’m going with this?  This is meant to be a fashion blog as well, but I have no good place to get full length photos, but I’m working on it.  Kristin and I are both obsessed with Fluevog shoes, silver jewelry, and we’re both sorta gothy, but we both branch out of that style a lot.  I have 2 cats and she has 1, so you may get some crazy cat lady vibes while you’re here.  We are both totally obsessed with fancy coffee.  Kristin knows fancy wines and we both love whisky/bourbon.  We’re considering skype makeup chats with such libations.  🙂

Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy our blog.  Please feel free to write us with any questions!  We will always try to answer you.

Me and Kristin, we have a bad ho-mance… 😛


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