All the makeup sales I’m not hitting :-P

So, there are a TON of great sales right now, so many that I could not even begin to tell you about all of them.  Here are some of the sales I haven’t hit:

Bobbi Brown 20% off

Tarte 30% off (No! You have Tarte blushes! Close that browser, imbecile!)

Sephora VIB sale 15% off

Ulta 20% coupon

Macy’s 40% off coupon (Now this one was hard.)

…and a new one hits my inbox every few minutes!

Now…why didn’t I hit any of these sales?  Because I DON’T NEED ANYTHING.  I really don’t, y’all.  I got 2 palettes for Christmas and replaced most of my daily staples in the late winter.  I don’t need anything and I’m doing better about not shopping just because something’s on sale.  HOWEVA.  There may be something you need or are ready to make the splurge on.  The best place to read about the sales is <a href=”″>Nouveau Cheap</a>, so head on over there if you feel like reading about all these spring sales! I love that blog!



Guys, guys, guys!! NYX is having their Memorial Day sale and the whole site is 30% off! 

Look what I got in my email!

Don’t do like me and order $15.00 of stuff because you didn’t realize you get free shipping with $25.00 orders, ok?  LOL My total was $20.00 and then I saw the fine print…fail.  ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT!

Can’t wait to share my stuff with you!  I’m trying the new HD blush in Taupe for contouring, the Porcelain HD concealer, the Wicked Lippie in Betrayal (metallic purple), and the Primal Colors shadow in black.

Two years ago during this sale I got a bunch of the slim lip pencils for around 2 bucks, so it’s a great time to stock up on those – they are awesome!