What’s on your hands? ¬†Zoya Daul nail laquer and ethical bling¬†

I recently made a purchase to go with my wedding band that I’m pretty happy with – a pave set band of Charles & Colvard Moissanite to wear when I want some sparkle.  Moissanite is a lab stone that has none of the ethical concerns of diamond mining/blood diamonds and are incredibly affordable compared to comparable diamonds.  I can wear my sparkle guilt free, and if something happens to the ring, I won’t cry for weeks and weeks!  I think this sits nicely with my wedding band.  Stacking rings are a trend I’m loving at the moment.  

Nail polish is “Daul” by Zoya.



What jewelry are you rocking for summer?

I have a deep, abiding love for white metals, always have.  I have a great big bunch of sterling silver jewelry…ridiculous amounts of it, since you can sometimes find such great deals on it.  One of the things I love about the current revival in 90s fashion is that suddenly, my jewelry is back in style.  No, I never stopped wearing this stuff!  

All those pieces were found in expensively on eBay…except one.  I bought the thumb ring at a hippie boutique in 1994.  Bringing back the 90s?  Or kept it alive all this time?

So, I showed this photo to Kristin and she said “You know we all wore that stuff!  Oh, and the black cabochon rings with the filigree around it.”  To which I said, “Ahem, left hand,” and sent her this photo:

Pardon the swollen hands, but it’s hot as HECK here.  

What jewelry are you rocking this summer?