Nuxe Réve de Miel lip balm – HOLY GRAIL STATUS!

You guys, I’m a bargain shopper.  I hunt down deals like it’s my job.  I hate paying full price for anything and I love finding inexpensive, high quality items that get things done, or expensive items on mega clearance.  That’s why for years when I saw bloggers rave about this $20 lip balm, I rolled my eyes and figured this was just another item that gained cult status because it seems luxurious and special as it’s imported from France.  

I was wrong.

It’s fall in the mountains.  My electric heat is murdering my skin.  My lips looked something off the set of The Walking Dead.  All the amazing matte lipsticks I had finally been able to wear (improved creamy formulas like Maybelline Creamy Matte) suddenly were doing awful things to my lips.  I tried Eos (meh), Jack Black (fairly ok), Malin + Goetz (decent), and hourly slatherings of Aquaphor, including before bed.  I made sure my Sensodyne toothpaste was SLS free (it is).  I drank a ton of water. 

When the cracking and peeling turned to flat out bleeding into my mouth, $20 started to sound not so bad.  I mentioned the product to my husband, who works at Target, where they carry it in the import section.  Then I was like…”nah, I seriously cannot pay that much for lip balm!”  And then he came home with it the next day because he knew I was miserable.  (Did I mention he’s a keeper?  I gave him many “fancy imported kisses” yesterday!). The product is actually $19.00 at Target and double the size of most balms, at half an ounce, so that took some sting out of the price.

Nuxe Rève de Miel is not like any lip balm I’ve ever tried.  In the jar, it has this lovely creamy honey look.  It feels a bit stiff to the touch, but the magic happens when you warm the formula up.  That’s when the mix of beeswax, honey, and oils warms up and…what is this?  It actually penetrates into the lips to plump and hydrate them instead of just sitting on top of them!  Aquaphor and Vaseline are good for protecting, but this actually penetrates and that’s when the healing really takes place.    What’s so great about this is it lasts and lasts…hours later, even after drinking and eating, it’s still there.  I put it on before bed…still on 8 hours later!  Crazy!  And the fragrance is so light and delicate…like grapefruit and honey.  I’m extremely sensitive to smells because of migraines and this light and natural scent is delightful.  It doesn’t linger for too long, either. 

The most interesting thing about this treatment is that it has a matte finish, making it a good choice for men, as well, who need protection from the elements and don’t want glossy lips (FYI, the Jack Black balm is also matte).  The awesome thing about this matte finish is that if you use it sparingly, it makes a great base under lipstick without changing the color or finish of the lipstick.  Just try that over Aquaphor – you’ll end up a greasy mess!

At about 24 hours, the area of my bottom lip that has been jacked up for two weeks is finally healing.  I’d say by tomorrow, my lips should be golden.  This is staying in my winter dry skin arsenal along with my humidifier and Nivea cream.  Yeah…it’s that dry here! 

Nuxe Rève de Miel…I will find a place in my budget for you!  And bloggers…sorry I mocked your fancy $20 lip balm.  I admit it, YOU WERE RIGHT.  😀 

So, how do you care for your skin in the winter? 


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