Makeup of the day 

It’s already getting cooler here at the end of summer and though we haven’t yet turned the heat on, my face is feeling dry already!  Today, I felt my face wouldn’t be able to deal with my usual MAC Studio Fix Fluid, so I got out my MAC Face and Body Foundation, which feels so much better when my skin is dry and dehydrated.  I set it here with matte powder, since I don’t really like a very dewy look.  I think the result is a very pretty natural satin finish – awesome!  I also love that concealer blends so much easier over Face and Body…not the case with Studio Fix Fluid after it dries.  I mix 2/3 Face and Body in N1 with the Pro White color to get my perfect shade.  Coincidentally, having 2 large bottles means that I have enough to this to last until 2020, which sucks because I really want to try the new Studio Waterweight Foundation, but I don’t really feel justified buying it when I have this much Face and Body left!  

Full breakdown in a few moments – dinner just walked in the door 😉 


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