Target Summer Beauty Box – Unboxing!

I try to snag these Target Beauty Boxes whenever I see them before they run out.  You have to be fast because they run out fast! I usually see announcements on the Target Facebook page, but this time I saw someone mention it on a WordPress blog I read on Bloglovin.  It’s particularly awesome for me, because my boyfriend is a Target employee and I get domestic partner benefits, so I get his discount on these boxes!  They’re a steal at $6, but I paid a little less.  (And yes, I use the hell out of that discount, guys.  If he moves jobs I will cry employee discount tears.)

The box itself is super and I will be saving it for storage.

Hello, yourself!  How exciting!

Hmm, I might give this coupon away.  Nothing shall ever tear my Mason Pearson tools away from me.  It was insane to buy them, but I love them like my own children.  My own overpriced, hair obsessed children.


Ok, so this is a full sized bottle of Clairol Hair Food mask.  I just colored my long hair and it’s super thirsty.  SCORE.

Ok, so I have been whitening my teeth lately.  They are stupidly sensitive though, so I use the sensitive strips for 5-10 minutes.  These right here scare me.  Maybe just a few minutes?  This type is stronger and meant to be left on longer, and the time I used this type caused major pain when used as directed.  Be warned.

Ok I love Olay, but these products contain menthol.  I think they’re for young people who want tingly things because they think that means their skin care is doing something.  However, I’m 44 and sensitive.  I’ll stick with my fragrance free Regenerist.

Now this is interesting!  This is a hair sun protectant!  If this keeps my black from fading, I’m in.  It looks siliconey, so I bet it will help with frizz.  I love the Fekkai dry shampoo I got in my other beauty box, so high hopes here.

Yay, volumizing mascara!  Please don’t suck!  I’m very picky about mascara being clumpy.  Really, really picky.  I also will not use anything that transfers below my eyes.  At all, ever.  So, hoping this is good.  This mascara is around the price of the whole box, so it’s like everything else in it was free!

Honestly, these beauty boxes are always so awesome, Target should consider just doing a subscription service like Ipsy or Birchbox.  I hear that Sephora is getting in on the game starting out in the fall in some test markets.

Do you get any beauty boxes?


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