Frozen in Time – Fun Vintage Makeup Clip 

I’ve always been obsessed with vintage makeup, fashion, etc.  I was unable to sleep tonight and stumbled across this gem!  Can’t you just see them doing this with modern day contour/highlight sticks? Our makeup roots are strong…this video is from the 30s! 

Women…over-drawing our lips for 80 years! 😉


3 thoughts on “Frozen in Time – Fun Vintage Makeup Clip 

    • I was fascinated by the way they were measuring and marking. I wonder if that was some sort of kohl pencil thing or if it was lipstick! I can’t imagine contouring with lipstick, but there weren’t a lot of products then. I must say, I love how there are less rules now. Do it the way you want to! 🙂 (By the way, nice name Rachel and I like that you spell it the way you do!)

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