Bargain Alert! Costco has Maxis!


Solid black maxi by Design History, Pink & black maxi by Fever Clothing

I went to Costco today and was killing some time, browsing through their clothing section. There on a rack: Rows of really on-trend maxi dresses! Solids, prints, flattering cuts and get this: I’m only 5’1″ and the size S – look, I can see my feet! To be fair, that’s because I have a substantial rack and it helps hold the hem up by a few inches… 

But at $17.50 or so each, these are a steal. Some of the available colors are above but there’s a heavy emphasis on stripes. They are made of soft knit fabric that is just perfect and breezy for summer, but I bet a sweater or hoodie would make them lovely for spring or autumn. 

I’m going back for more! I never miss an opportunity to stock up on stripes – fun, flattering, and a little edgy! Of course the solid black ones are timeless flattering looks too… Look at that awesome braided and gathered neckline!

Being that it’s Costco and their inventory changes, your store may not carry them. And if they do, jump on it! They might be gone next time! 


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