Beauty Sleep


Sometimes a good nap is better than makeup.

My favorite way to spend a nice afternoon is curled up in bed listening to some soft music and dozing. Lifelong insomnia sufferer, but my day job as a barista requires I’m up at the crack of dawn more often than not – a few hours of afternoon Z’s are sometimes what I need to keep the momentum. It must work, in the picture the only makeup I’ve got is filled in eyebrows!

Is your “beauty sleep” an important part of your regimen, or can you still kill it after 3 hours of sleep day after day? Do you need your full eight hours, or do you get a few hours and nap later? 


3 thoughts on “Beauty Sleep

  1. Ok, I’ll give you that. As for the sleep, oh hell yeah, big part of the beauty and health routine. I don’t function well on little sleep and look terrible on bad sleep days!


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