Simple Cleansing Micellar Water – Review 

First of all I’ve gotta come clean with you. (See what I did there?) I suck at using makeup remover. No, not because it’s hard. Because it’s easier to just wash my face. And then because like 50% of my makeup is black eyeliner, I get it all over my face, towel, and hands. It’s not pretty. It looks like I got in a fight with a squid and got the ink.

The last thing I heard it say was “I’ll cut you”

So a while back, Rachel (who takes way better care of her skin than I do) picked up some of this stuff called Micellar Water and I was intrigued. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Hadn’t ever heard of it.

The Internet seems to be telling me it’s been a thing for longer than I thought, though, so maybe I didn’t notice because I was busy doing hand to hand combat with squids every night.

Can we all just agree to not talk about my hands? What a mess.

Anyhow, I came across it in an unlikely place: my grocery. Apparently they carry a lot of Simple’s line. Who knew! And since today I was inspired to wear a full face of makeup to work, it felt like a decent time to give it a try.

As the brand name suggests, it’s pretty easy to use. I saturated a cotton ball, and valiantly hoped it would take off all my makeup in one go. Lol no. Okay, so it’s not a miracle, but…

Wow, okay, that’s gross. I told you at least 50% of my makeup is black eyeliner. It took it right off though! No problems at all. It felt nice too, cooling.  I feel like one of those might actually have a legitimately identifiable impression of my eye or something. Anyway, three cotton balls later everything was clean!

The third cotton pad wasn’t in that picture because my cat ran off with it, BTW.

End result:

Totally works. Under six bucks at the grocery store. I’m sold. And yes, I re-did my eyebrows after I washed my face. If I need to leave my house or someone comes to the door, that’s the least I can do as a public service. 😉


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